Paper Hearts

by Tori Kelly
7月 21st (+3065)

Pills N Potions

by Nicki Minaj
7月 17th (+40149)
7月 13th (+6644)
7月 13th (+1148)

Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) (Bonus Track)

by Jhene Aiko
7月 1st (+92)
'I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm.'

(via angemalt)
6月 1st (+55552)

Dearly Beloved Power

by Kingdom Hearts vs Kanye West
1月 21st (+41291)
7月 29th (+7405)
7月 29th (+1029014)
5月 27th (+13443)
'Be yourself. It’s better to be the weird kid than to be someone you’re not.'

れいた (The GazettE)
3月 11th (+1867)


by LEE HI (이하이)
3月 10th (+39)
3月 4th (+985)
2月 18th (+325)
2月 6th (+1303)