The Pacific by Dottie B. on Flickr.

I wonder what it feels like holding your hands; the warmth on your hand against mine sounds really nice right now, or your embrace. It’s always just a glance or a hit and never anything more than that. I wished there was more to us than what we are right now but that can never happen. I won’t let it, and you won’t either. Might I say, you’re my first and probably only unrequited love.


summer by the sea by melissa☞lakhena on Flickr.

~~ by Hara Hara

Galia Lahav - The Lourdes Collection

When you first left me, I was devastated and heartbroken while you were busy fucking another girl next door. You’ve literally changed the way I see my next relationship and I don’t think I’ll ever be just as forgiving as I was before.


This is literally so fucking important


my hobbies include eating and complaining that i’m getting fat